Relaunch Your Life

A 2-Day Experience Bringing Healing & Restoration to Men

True Identity

Walk in confidence & security in your new life.

A Call to Purpose

Fulfill your call & find a new purpose for your life.

Healing & Strength

Find freedom & strength through God’s grace.

The 2-Day Experience

Changing Hearts & Restoring Lives

Life Relaunch’s 2-day Experience enables you to better understand how your past has shaped your present and will determine your future.

“I was able to detach from the past and walk freely into the future.” — Wilkins.  LEARN MORE

Life Relaunch Promise

Experience Greater Freedom and strength through God’s healing grace from heart wounds and soul injuries. You will discover your True Warrior Identity, and walk in confidence in your new life.

Fulfilling your calling and purpose is closer than you might think. LEARN MORE

Life Relaunch Teams

Life Relaunch Teams. Now that you have attended a Life Relaunch Experience. Do you sense a call to build a team to provide the Life Relaunch Experience with men in your network? Join with other men who discovered a Meaningful Purpose. 

Help men step up to their role as a warrior in every aspect of their lives. LEARN MORE

Take These 3 Steps To Freedom & Purpose

Your First Step

Make time by signing up for Life Relaunch & prepare for a life-changing experience with God & others.

The Experience

Over 2 days, experience healing of heart wounds and soul injuries and walk in greater freedom!

Your Result

Fulfill your eternal life’s purpose & help others do the same.

Your story is sacred, and we are here to serve you, providing you with a life-changing experience. Will you take the next step?


Life Relaunch Teams


States Offering Life Relaunch Experience