Life Relaunch Experience

How & Why the Life Relaunch Experience Works

How Life Relaunch Works

The Life Relaunch Experience is a two-day facilitated program which utilizes a curriculum that is designed to enable participants to better understand how their past has shaped their present and will determine their future.

Why Life Relaunch Works

Along their journey, men encounter spiritual heart wounds and soul injuries–often occurring early in life–from what they see and experience in life, affecting one’s identity. These experiences can result in crippling emotions like rejection, fear, guilt and shame, leading to addictions or other destructive behavior.

Jesus desires to bring healing to men in all stages and times of life. He brings healing to those who are spiritually wounded, those in times of transition, and those seeking new direction and purpose in life. Through the Life Relaunch Experience, men encounter Jesus in a personal and powerful way as He heals and restores wounded hearts. As a result, men are able to walk in greater freedom in their journey toward an abundant life. Life Relaunch works because Jesus is introduced in power and authority through the lives of restored men.

Life Relaunch will work for you.

Join with other men who not only are walking in greater freedom but have also discovered their purpose and calling in life. Register today.  This will be a life changing Experience.

Communities, Men’s Groups & Churches

The Life Relaunch experience helped me to detach from the past and walk freely into the future.


This experience help me to talk about things that were hindering me from being a man of God.


I was able to look into the wall that blocks me from the light. I am forgiven.


I feel I am cleansed child of God. Thank you for your time.


This experience redeemed me. It gave me new hope restoring my soul, renewing my mind and healing my wounds.


I am grateful for this experience. This helped me get free from personal bondage. This has been heart changing. Thank you.


I feel now I can boldly speak to others about Jesus. Before this event, I had old wounds that were holding me back.


Prisons & Rehabilitation Centers

Jesus is summoning men to become Warrior Sons to fight with Him in advancing His kingdom on the earth.