Life Relaunch Experience

How & Why the Life Relaunch Experience Works

How life Relaunch Works

None of us escapes the effects of this life: a wounded heart and injured soul. The damage occurs because of things that we have done and what has been done to us by others. Life happens.

Life Relaunch gives you the opportunity to address these wounds which hold you back, and step into a new place of freedom.

Why Life Relaunch Works

Men have the opportunity to face these wounds in a safe environment of healing where they overcome the experiences of addictions, crippling emotion, & unfulfilled potential.

You will experience freedom and the opportunity to fulfill your potential as a man, husband, father, colleague, and leader.

Engaging Men As Warriors

Experience It!

Attend the 2-Day Life Relaunch Experience

What direction are you headed? Are you a young personlooking to find a place of purpose & meaning? Or, are you in the second half of your career and looking to build a legacy of changed lives?

We’ve been where you are. We know what it means to fight life’s battles…to struggle in overcoming challenges & set-backs. You know you are destined for more. Join with other men who not only are walking in greater freedom but have also discovered their purpose and calling in life. Register today. This will be a life changing 2-Day Experience!

Live It!

Join the Warrior Connect Fellowship

You have gained much freedom through the Life Relaunch Experience. Jesus has kindled your passion, shown you who you really are, and is calling you to engage in life’s battle along side other men. Being connected with men who can walk with you on your journey is critical for your success in life. Through CONNECTIVITY with Christian men’s groups in churches and communities, you put your new freedom into action for your family, friends, and community.
We invite you to attend routinely, to share your struggles and perseverance, and offer your personal testimony of triumph over adversity. We each grow and learn as we all share success in Jesus

Work It!

Serve with a team of men as a Facilitator

Work with other men in providing a proven, effective 2-Day life changing experience! Make a commitment to serve as a Life Relaunch Facilitator.

As a member of a Team under the guidance of a LR Team Leader, you can bring a transforming 2-Day Life Relaunch Experience to men in your local community or to a specific group of people right where you live. Our LR Teams serve men in community, in rehabilitation centers, and even in jails and prisons. We will train and equip you to reach and restore the hearts of men. Your work, along with the support of your spiritual brothers, is also needed for your continued success.
A life restored with new direction and purpose is possible.
Serve with a team of men as a Facilitator

Grow It!

Become an LR Team Leader

We invite you to lead a Life Relaunch team and work to restore passion and purpose to other men right where they are. Your team can be God’s instrument for bringing restoration to the men in your community. The Life Relaunch 2-Day Experience is equally effective for various groups including business men’s groups, churches, men’s fellowships, first responders, men in correctional institutions and in rehab programs. We will guide, train and equip you with the resources needed.

As a Team Leader, you have the freedom to network in your community, and connect with various facilities, organizations, churches and programs, to bring your Life Relaunch Experience Team to them, and to even plant and guide new LR Teams.

Through our National Life Relaunch Network, you also have the opportunity to learn from Team Leaders throughout the United States about the possibilities for advancing the healing mission of Jesus through the Life Relaunch Experience!

The Life Relaunch experience helped me to detach from the past and walk freely into the future.


This experience help me to talk about things that were hindering me from being a man of God.


I was able to look into the wall that blocks me from the light. I am forgiven.


I feel I am cleansed child of God. Thank you for your time.


This experience redeemed me. It gave me new hope restoring my soul, renewing my mind and healing my wounds.


I am grateful for this experience. This helped me get free from personal bondage. This has been heart changing. Thank you.


I feel now I can boldly speak to others about Jesus. Before this event, I had old wounds that were holding me back.