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Life Relaunch for Men.
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Join us to witness Jesus transforming lives during a Life Relaunch Two-Day Experience. Then, learn how you can take the curriculum to your church, organization, or community group. We will guide, train, and equip you to introduce the Life Relaunch Experience to others.

– A powerful, proven curriculum provides a framework to bring restoration and revival

– Experience is affordable for churches and men’s groups

– Experience is offered free to prisons and rehabs

– Work alongside existing organizations to bring restoration and revival to a new level


Guided by a team of Life Relaunch Facilitators, men are led to a deeper understanding of the spiritual battle for their hearts and minds.


Discover the reality of transparent relationships, where your authentic identity is revealed. You are seen for who you really are – a man loved by God.


Jesus brings truth, freedom, and renewal to your heart, and provides a platform for you to Relaunch into a deeper and more fulfilling relationship with your Heavenly Father.

“How would you like to go on an ADVENTURE with Jesus where He will increase your PASSION and you will leave a LEGACY of changed lives?”

Mel Goebel

CEO, Life Relaunch

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and the power to get there.” 

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