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Jesus is calling you to partner with His Life Relaunch to restore passion and purpose to other men right where you live.  We are at a critical time in America’s history.  Men are influencers, for either good or bad, righteousness or unrighteousness. We need bored men to become bold men.

How would you like to be God’s instrument bringing restoration to the people in your network where they can experience greater personal freedom, peace, and joy as they serve those around them?

The Life Relaunch Experience is equally effective for various groups including men in churches, men’s groups, first responders, athletes, men in correctional institutions and in rehab programs.  The Life Relaunch Curriculum works with every people group in the community.

Partner Through Financial Support

Become a Legacy Partner – Leave a Legacy of Changed Lives with Jesus

We are at a critical time in America’s history.  At the heart of nearly every social challenge in our nation you will find a man.  Men are influencers, for either good or bad, righteousness or unrighteousness.  The consequences of continuing with the status quo will only result in more casualties.

The solution to nearly every problem will often be found with men.  This is why Life Relaunch is boldly bringing the Gospel to men who do not know Jesus and providing restoration and healing to those who have drifted away from a vital relationship with Jesus.

Become a Legacy Partner to help us bring the Gospel to men who are lost, isolated or sidelined by boredom or addictive behavior.  Help us reach them through Jesus’ Life Relaunch. He has raised up this ministry to impact our culture at this time.

Your financial and prayerful support of Life Relaunch will help others find freedom and purpose.

Your monthly donation of $20, $50, $100 or more will make it possible to reach men with the Gospel in communities, in prison, rehab centers, and other people networks, inviting us to partner with them to reach men and disciple them.

Make a difference. Become a Life Relaunch Legacy Partner today.

Life Relaunch is a 501(c)(3) organization.  Gifts to Life Relaunch are tax-deductible and go toward the Life Relaunch programs for presenting the Gospel and bringing healing and restoration to men.

Bring Us to Your Network

Lead other men in a proven, effective ministry as a Life Relaunch Ministry Partner. 

If you are seeking a meaningful opportunity to lead other men in a proven, effective ministry, consider becoming a Life Relaunch Ministry Partner.  You can bring a transforming Experience to men in your local community or to a specific group of people.

We will train and equip you to reach and restore the hearts of men.  You can partner with Jesus and Life Relaunch to strengthen families change our culture.  You have an adventure to live and a legacy to build.

Here’s how you can become a Life Relaunch Ministry Partner:

Step One – Attend a two-day Life Relaunch Experience in Southwest Florida or at one of our regional centers.  See for yourself how powerful the Experience can be.

Step Two – Complete the Partner Application Form

Step Three – Attend Partner Training in Southwest Florida.  You will learn how to conduct the Life Relaunch Experience and how to recruit and train your team.  Additionally, you will receive all the manuals, guides and presentation materials you will need.